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December 31, 2009

How to reach a live person at EDD in CA.

I reached a live voice 1 minute after the opening hour today.

There is a key and a system to reaching a live person in the Employment Development Department of California.

The front line telephone number for EDD is 800-300-5616.

The EDD is open on Saturdays (call hours 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

There are two key phrases to listen for:

“Thank you…” (Hang up and redial)…

“Welcome…” (Congrats!…sort-of).

Once receiving the correct greeting

*  If you are calling to file a new claim or reopen a claim, press 12117.

*  If you are calling to speak to a live person, press 1243.

The System

Be ready to begin dialing / hitting redial by 8 a.m.

Have ready:

*  Your Social Security Number

*  Your Mailing Address

*  Pen and paper

The operator will answer by:

Greeting you with

*  their First Name

*  their Identification Number.


If you need to dispute the EDD, in the future, you won’t have a leg to stand on if you can’t quote your source.  Write down the time you placed your call.  Example:  12/31/09   8:01 a.m.   Steve   ID: 123A4567.

Be patient and be kind.  The employees are overworked; some only have this job as a temporary or permanent intermittent positions (their hours can be reduced to 900 hours a year, with 1 day’s notice).   Their job security is as good as your was.  You want to make friends here – they will go the extra mile for you, if you let them.

The only information that they have, that is different from their website, is your personal case information.  The only resources they have is the website ( and their co-workers.

Additional useful EDD telephone numbers:

For 1099-G questions (the equivalent to your W-2)


For check status (call after 5 pm – the system is automated but inundated during regular business hours)


I learned something today:

I am not eligible for California Training Benefits Program as I have already taken training funds during this unemployment claim.

CTBP hasn’t been any help to me getting a job during this recession – I have to think of the CTBP I received as an investment in my post-recession future.  I received a Certificate in Computerized Financial Accounting in 2007 – all the jobs posted for Accounting Assistants are for Part-time with Payroll experience $12-$15 per hour (pre-recession pay for this position is $16-19/hour).

More:  The maximum of training available is $11,000.  If you are under the Federal Extension, the funds would be deducted from your extensions.  Example:  You have received $10,000 in Federal Extensions.  Your CTBP funds would be $11,000 minus $10,000  = $1,000.

IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE AND INTERESTED IN TRAINING, YOU MUST SPEAK TO A LIVE PERSON AT EDD WITHIN 6 WEEKS OF RECEIVING YOUR BENEFITS TO EXPRESS INTEREST IN THIS PROGRAM. If you do not express “interest in additional training” by this time, you will NOT be eligible.  Make certain that you state you want “this interest” to be entered into your “call log”.  Later, call back to confirm that your interest IS logged in your case file.  It is that important!

Bear in mind:  Funding has been reduced.  If you want to obtain training and education, move on this immediately.

EDD predicts at the end of 2010, California will owe the Feds $20 Billion for Unemployment Extensions.  Make that money work for you.  Spend and Save Wisely.

Music Video:  Is There Anybody Out There – Pink Floyd.

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